Monday, May 26, 2008

Sox Appeal

Some fun :)

At Home

These are just some random stills / self portraits that I've taken at home on rainy days. I've written a short note beneath each one, to try and explain my inspiration.

^ These two are stills I call "My Paradox". The idea behind this was pretty dark. I was thinking about an article I read on teens who commit suicide, and how a large percentage of them do it because they feel they're living a "double life". This is somewhat my double life.

^ These are a couple of self-portraits from a set I did. They're really not inspired by anything in particular, if I'm completely honest. Was just a random idea I had that I thought I'd try out :). Sorry if the lack of explanation disappoints :P.

^ This... is actually very personal. So I'm not going to tell you what inspired it. I'll leave you to interpret how you will.

Aqua Luna

I was walking along the harbour with my camera the other day during my lunch hour, and was lucky enough to be passing at the exact time that the old boat came in :)

TST & Sham Shui Po

Some shots taken around TST, where I work, and Sham Shui Po, where I visited with my friend a few weeks back. Enjoy :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hometown Glory

Some shots taken around the village where I live, in Sai Kung.


Not just narcissism :) They each have a story. But, I'll leave you to interpret how you will.

First Ever.

Couple of stills I took at home. Inspiration: My kitchen :)